WWII Memorial

I play volleyball every Tuesday down behind the Lincoln Memorial. When I rode home on my bike I passed the WWII Memorial on the Mall. I wasn’t a fan of having the space near the reflecting pool used and was less impressive with the highly questionable architecture.

It bums me out to think that the Vets could have had a memorial years ago if the Congress hadn’t been so cheap with Washington. The Congress discussed funding a stadium in honor of the servicemen and women in 1945!

The stadium had a 200,000seat capacity. It also included an exhibition hall and other amenities as part of a cultural complex.

Attached is one of the original designs. Tell me what you think.

It is a rather dull cross but another version, advanced by H.A. Kuljian & Company, (drawings at the Smithsonian Institution Archives), argued for a circular stadium to maximize sight lines, particularly for football games. This would also allow for the elimination of intervening posts and columns, creating a clear unhampered “line of vision” for every spectator.

Both firms would locate the stadium on the grounds near where RFK currently sits. The US Senate in 1945 would not pass a resolution that would have authorized $150,000 for creating the design plans for the stadium under provisions for a postwar development project. Several members insisted on private funds being used to build the stadium. Others argued for the materials and funds to be used to clean up the city in Southwest; the funding for the urban renewal projects that demolished much of that quadrant of DC.

5 comments so far

  1. rr446 on

    what an ugly cross

  2. sharonc on

    Where would this have been located? Could you tell us more about why it wasn’t built?

  3. bla2222 on

    See the additions to my original post.

  4. rr446 on

    ok, that would have been nice at the time, maybe.
    but certainly it would have been demolished by now at least once, perhaps twice because of 295 and the extention of east capitol street across the river.

    it’s interesting what could have been but i’m glad they waited to build on this huge federal reservation.

  5. DincUnsono on

    I agreed with you

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