DC’s Tennis Stadium

The Washington Kastles stadium is a throwback stadium. No, it’s not retro a la Camden Yards and its many imitators that cost hundreds of millions of tax payer dollars.

It’s throw back because it is simply a playing surface and a few stands erected around that surface. The stadium stands on a small portion of the old Convention Center lot, on New York Avenue near 11th Street, NW. This is the way baseball was in Washington during the early 1880s when Capitol Park sat on the Capital Grounds or when the Nationals played at Florida Avenue and 7th Street in the 1890s.

The stadium is a temporary structure and goes up quickly and at a small cost. The location is near many offices and highly accessible to both the Metro and the buses. Spectators can grab dinner at any of the many nearby eateries after work then walk on over to see the tennis. Last night I saw many looking at the art exhibit that lined the walkway on the stadium’s east side. The pieces are photographs commissioned by the DC Commission on the Arts. One critic’s favorite was The Memory of Tomorrow, by Ira Tattelman and Thomas Drymon, is another terrific mural — the photograph of a wedding explores the body, light, time, and space, and the active quality of the image makes you feel as though you’re a part of the wedding itself.

Kastles stadium, Washington DC

Kastles stadium, Washington DC


2 comments so far

  1. jimbo on

    Oh, I never knew there was a stadium there! Interesting temporary structure.

  2. bla2222 on

    It iis interesting. It is fun to see the lights from a nearby roof top. Can’t see the games though.

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