Washington DC Lively Statues

What do you think of when you think of DC’s statues and monuments?

guys on horses, abstract war memorials, the Mall?

In the days when they built most of the men on horses statues it was commonly thought that viewers would have the same reaction of thankfulness for heroic men and their heroic deeds.  They didn’t and now one wonders what visitors and residents of the capital city think when they pass another mounted warrior?

Sullivan’s article in Washington Post makes you think beyond warrior statues.


The physician Samuel Hahnemann Memorial near Scott Circle is not as glorious as the memorial for sculptor Mirian Adams in Rock Creek Cemetery.

Courtesy of DC Cultural Tourism:

I’m glad he picked Jim Henson and Kermit and the canoe rowing in front of the Canadian Embassy as they’re both fun and very unique.

A personal favorite that I share with many a DC visitor is the Boy Scout Memorial in the President’s Park on 15th Street. Most see this as a highly homoerotic piece.


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  1. bla2222 on

    Another agrees:

    Saint-Gaudens’s Masterpiece

    Wednesday, July 30, 2008; Page A14

    Michael O’Sullivan’s feature on memorials was wonderful [“Statues With Some Life,” Weekend, July 25]. The choices were good, and the directions were helpful. I will save this article for my next visit to Washington.

    However, how could Mr. O’Sullivan exclude Augustus Saint-Gaudens’s Adams Monument in Rock Creek Cemetery? (The plot was designed by architect Stanford White.) That makes no sense, as that piece, along with Saint-Gaudens’s Shaw Memorial in Boston, ranks among the premier sculptures in our nation.



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