Home at Museum of Modern Art

Went to the exhibit at MOMA on prefabricated housing because wasn’t sure we’d get up to NYC again before it closes in October.

Models, drawings, parts of houses dominate the 6th floor. They have
five contemporary manufactured homes which have been installed in an
empty lot next to the museum. The link is https://www.moma.org/exhibitions/exhibitions.php?id=5476

One person has bemoaned the lack of attention to trailers and to all the recently homeless people.

The neo-shotgun house in the parking lot hit on Katrina, but they missed the opportunity by not putting in a FEMA trailer.

The show hardly addresses the issue of the single-family house and the suburban lifestyle of the U.S. They don’t talk about why most of the prefab buildings that are worried about the use of resources don’t maximize the use of land. One of the few multiple unit prefab places in Moshe Safdie’s Habitat


It’s fascinating to place all this in light of the housing bubble and foreclosure run that’s going on in many places around the world.

Robert Samuelson might have concerns with the economics of expanded home ownership as it has been practiced over the Clinton and Bush Administrations


The issue is not only who owns a home but what kind of home do they have? If a museum won’t take the politics on then who will?


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  1. dummidumbwit on


    Some of these shots are artsy and the units themselves are interesting to look at, comments from the Educated would be appreciated?

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