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Gay Male Olympian

Athletes have a greater struggle with their image if they have a gay or lesbian sexual orientation.

Look at how prevalent the television coverage of heterosexual athletes’ boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives were during the Games. How come the boyfriend of the Australian diver Matthew Mitcham never appeared in a shot of the stands, despite being lovers with the winner of the Gold medal in the event?

Go to article on Gay Australian diver wins gold.

The responses from the NBC executives are intriguing. Up close and personal, get to know an athlete who has a unique story to tell. Geez, wouldn’t Mitcham qualify as having a highly unique story?

The coverage of the women who were lesbians were as sparse, even when they athletes were Americans. An article by Patricia Neil Warren raises the issue of the slanted coverage that the gay media provided regarding the performances of Mitcham and the lesbians who won gold medals — Natasha Kai on the U.S. women’s soccer team, and team captain Gro Hammerseng and her partner Katja Nyberg on the Norwegian handball team.

Go to article Our Gay Oylmpic heroes

Athletic images that are invisible because of their sexual interests.

Brady, Sports’ Stars and Images

Even today sports stars attempt to maintain a clean image or at least minimize their responses to the sexual peccadillos. Look at this month’s Esquire mag article on New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady.

The writer openly discusses the ground rules Brady’s people put on the interview before the quarterback accepted the interview. The fundamental area of where the talk could not go had to do with Brady’s love life.  He walked out on a woman he made pregnant. They’re together now so why not talk about it? Does the image disappear if the circumstances aren’t discussed?

Sex: Politicians v. Actors and Actresses

Saturday’s Post Style section contrasted the problems sex, adultery and children out of wedlock posed for politicians with the general fascination that many readers take toward the love lives of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and others.

Hollywood has not been so accepting of performers having babies out of wedlock as Loretta Young’s pregnancy with Clark Gable’s child proved in the mid-1930s. However it has a history of being open about a variety of its star’s sexual proclivities.

What are our expectations regarding the behaviors of today’s athletes and musicians? The Alex Rodriguez-Madonna supposed coupling hurt him because of the expectation of his being a family man and the expectation of athletes being “wholesome.” Kobe Bryant created the image of family man for himself and watched things blow up on him after the situation in the motel in Colorado. Was it the defying of their individual images that damaged these two men or is it that the culture does not accept certain behavior from star athletes?

What is the cultural expectation toward musicians? Madonna seemingly escaped unscathed from the A-Rod situation. Yet, I’m reminded of the bio-pic of Ray Charles, where we see him as a womanizer but do not learn that he sired twelve children, three of them with his wife. I realize that everything is trimmed to the minimum in a movie but they could have provided a greater sense of this baby-making. Did they not want to because they figured viewers might not like the behavior from musicians?

Obama vs. McCain: Tired Political Discourse

Home ownership v. Arugula

Each political party has thrown their trump card: the Democrats link the Republicans with economic ignorance due to their personal wealth: see McCain’s inability to answer how many homes he owns:

The McCain Campaign fires back with an image of Obama as a cultural elitist

McCain spokesman Brian Rogers said in a statement. “Does a guy who worries about the price of arugula and thinks regular people ‘cling’ to guns and religion in the face of economic hardship really want to have a debate about who’s in touch with regular Americans?”

Meanwhile “I.O.U.S.A” a documentary about facing our debt situation prompted one reviewer to complain.

How should the country discuss our political situation?

Awaiting Hollywood Book

Ever wait for something you’ve wanted for a long time knowing that it will happen soon but you’re not sure when? Those last few days are agony.
The printer has my book and the editor says any day now.

Nice looking isn’t it? Very art deco ish.

What have you waited for that seemed to take for ever until it finally came?

DC’s Baseball Debt

Starting to look like another RFK Stadium boondoggle. City Paper’s Loose Lips reports that the cost of the land in Southeast for the stadium was 100% over the Chief Financial Office’s projections.

Seven City Council members wonder if the stadium will generate the income to pay off the interest on the debt. The District government could not pay the interest after the Armory Board constructed DC Stadium (now RFK). They never touched the principle.

The Ball Park Sales Sales Tax Enhancement Amendment Act of 2008 appears here and here

Deceased DC Council Chairman Plead with Feds

Today’s Washington Post carried the news of the former Washington City Council Chairman Gilbert Hahn Jr.’s death. A leader during the city’s transition from federal fiefdom to self-government, the Republican, as the obit noted, clashed with the Mayor and the Nixon White House.

Hahn plead with the federal government for a loan to help the DC Armory Board pay the interest of $400,000 on RFK Stadium. City officials had taken Treasury loans for the stadium’s interest payment since the stadium’s construction in 1961. The federal government eventually paid for the construction.

His obit:

Political Football

Ingenious Use of a Sports Stadium

What’s more Washington than the Redskins and fundraising.

From today’s Washington Post
Fight for Old D.C.!

Perhaps no one was happier about the Redskins’ impressive win over the Indianapolis Colts in Sunday’s Hall of Fame Game than Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (D-N.Y). A loss might have cost him some campaign contributions.

Seems Meeks, via something called the Real Estate Roundtable PAC, is inviting you to join him at a game at FedEx Field on Sunday, Sept. 14, to watch the Skins play the New Orleans Saints. Only $1,000 a ticket. Even if the seats are great — and they should be, at that price — a poor Skins showing in its preseason opener might have dampened enthusiasm for the fundraiser.

The Roundtable of real estate developers and subdividers contributed $5K to the Congressmen for the 2008 election cycle, putting him safely among the top ten recipients in the House. One member of the PAC is Howard P. Milstein, the same man who tried to purchase the Redskins in 1999.

The Congressman has more connections to sporting locales and people. He supported the new stadium on Manhattan’s West Side:

Meeks also has raised funds for the Muhammad Ali Center