Sex: Politicians v. Actors and Actresses

Saturday’s Post Style section contrasted the problems sex, adultery and children out of wedlock posed for politicians with the general fascination that many readers take toward the love lives of Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston and others.

Hollywood has not been so accepting of performers having babies out of wedlock as Loretta Young’s pregnancy with Clark Gable’s child proved in the mid-1930s. However it has a history of being open about a variety of its star’s sexual proclivities.

What are our expectations regarding the behaviors of today’s athletes and musicians? The Alex Rodriguez-Madonna supposed coupling hurt him because of the expectation of his being a family man and the expectation of athletes being “wholesome.” Kobe Bryant created the image of family man for himself and watched things blow up on him after the situation in the motel in Colorado. Was it the defying of their individual images that damaged these two men or is it that the culture does not accept certain behavior from star athletes?

What is the cultural expectation toward musicians? Madonna seemingly escaped unscathed from the A-Rod situation. Yet, I’m reminded of the bio-pic of Ray Charles, where we see him as a womanizer but do not learn that he sired twelve children, three of them with his wife. I realize that everything is trimmed to the minimum in a movie but they could have provided a greater sense of this baby-making. Did they not want to because they figured viewers might not like the behavior from musicians?


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  1. Mari on

    What of the mess the godfather of soul left?
    I can only guess at the general morality of a 2008 American public that we like to think of musicians, athletes and artists as ‘good people’. ‘Good people’ don’t sire a team of kids and abandon them. It’s one thing to divorce and do the child support thing, and start another family, it is another to have a brood from a zillion 1 night stands.

  2. bla2222 on

    Indeed, and his children are messing things up even more!

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