Brady, Sports’ Stars and Images

Even today sports stars attempt to maintain a clean image or at least minimize their responses to the sexual peccadillos. Look at this month’s Esquire mag article on New England Patriot’s quarterback Tom Brady.

The writer openly discusses the ground rules Brady’s people put on the interview before the quarterback accepted the interview. The fundamental area of where the talk could not go had to do with Brady’s love life.  He walked out on a woman he made pregnant. They’re together now so why not talk about it? Does the image disappear if the circumstances aren’t discussed?


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  1. sittingpugs on

    Hmm. The entire first paragraph of that article strikes me as refreshing (who knew one could apply such a degree of visual detail when capturing an athlete’s home, details usually reserved for the likes of dreamy matinee idols or starlets or hardened Hollywood veterans) and silly at the same time.

    Not that I’m against using words like “palpitant Los Angeles traffic” or “great coruscation of light” in discussing an NFL franchise’s little darling.

    I do like this image, though: In one hand, a piece of toast. In the other, a cup. He holds the cup out, and for a moment it appears to be an offering. The cup is full of granola, and he’s passing it to one of his handlers.

    Tom Chiarella mentions the “these topics are off-limits for print” caveat. Surely, TB’s people’s conditions also include “nor will you ask about these things off-the-record; we’re not doubting ability to keep those details to yourself, but what’s the point in knowing them if you can’t share with even one person?” smiley face or stone-cold scowl.

  2. bla2222 on

    That image is so LA and it continues when they get stuck in the traffic jam.

    Still where else would someone hand the cup of food off to the handler or have minions circling about.

    It would have been fun to spend time inside the house. The old Hollywood publicity was all about showing how the star’s personality appeared in the home decor.

  3. sittingpugs on

    Lifestyles of the rich and shameless. fabulous. glamorous…

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