Gay Male Olympian

Athletes have a greater struggle with their image if they have a gay or lesbian sexual orientation.

Look at how prevalent the television coverage of heterosexual athletes’ boyfriends and girlfriends, husbands and wives were during the Games. How come the boyfriend of the Australian diver Matthew Mitcham never appeared in a shot of the stands, despite being lovers with the winner of the Gold medal in the event?

Go to article on Gay Australian diver wins gold.

The responses from the NBC executives are intriguing. Up close and personal, get to know an athlete who has a unique story to tell. Geez, wouldn’t Mitcham qualify as having a highly unique story?

The coverage of the women who were lesbians were as sparse, even when they athletes were Americans. An article by Patricia Neil Warren raises the issue of the slanted coverage that the gay media provided regarding the performances of Mitcham and the lesbians who won gold medals — Natasha Kai on the U.S. women’s soccer team, and team captain Gro Hammerseng and her partner Katja Nyberg on the Norwegian handball team.

Go to article Our Gay Oylmpic heroes

Athletic images that are invisible because of their sexual interests.


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