Pedestrian and Bike Friendly L’Enfant Plaza

The humongous brutalist 60s architecture spouting from the minds who advocated urban renewal; the formidable fortress of buildings that hides the entrance; the pseudo cobblestone pavement; the plaza to nowhere; that’s how most visitors on the Mall and many residents view L’Enfant Plaza.

See critical comments:

Have you ever visit the Benjamin Banneker Circle with the fountain and overlook of the city? We still await the design for this overlook. Don’t expect to make a connection between this area and the bridge toward Hains Point. There is a small matter of negotiating a high curb. To get onto the bridge the cyclist or walker needs to take a big step up, carrying their bicycle. When leaving the bridge, the cyclist needs to prepare for a jolting bump as they enter the plaza.

A wheelchair ramp makes the area more pedestrian and cyclist friendly.

SWDC has a series of excellent photos of the area online. Here’s a few:

See L’Enfant Plaza in this video from the local ABC News station’s story about hydrogen cars.


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