Call Me By Your Name

Finished reading the book Call Me By Your Name. Friends, particularly older men, raved to me and my partner about it. The Times called it a book of the year and the critic raved about it too.

wondering what people thought.

I liked it for the most part–particularly once I got past my sense of Elio as pretentious. I’m wrestling with its view of relationships, struggling with the idea of “merging” like the title implies. I have an excellent relationship of 17 years and we’re more two individuals who retain their unique identities and we also create a third figure between us that is us as a couple–our merging.

The book never felt very sexy to me. I’d like to know why others found it so hot.

Both characters struck me as a little narcissistic and Elio never thought about his class position–born into privilege. I also wonder what people thought about Italy as the book depicts it.


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