Latest on Gay Hollywood

The announcement of Clay Aiken that he is gay spurred a major news cycle. While he appears on a few magazine covers, other articles came out on a variety of related issues.

I mentioned the New York Times article in my last post.

Now CNN issued this piece:

Tried watching Mad Men because of all the raves it has received. Got to say that the overt sexism and homophobia were a major turnoff and I thought why am I putting myself through this?


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  1. bentcrude on

    poor old clay – i’m so glad he came out tho, don’t care what all the jesters said, it was still brave

  2. bla2222 on

    yeah it was. His reason sounded sweet too!

  3. bentcrude on

    yeh, good for him

  4. Mari on

    One watches Mad Men for the detail to design, storytelling, and the writing. I swear this is the only thing that has made anything from the 60s not look like modernistic crap.
    Don’t watch Mad Men to affirm any belief or attitude you may have. Everyso often I discover something in the show that has turn off someone, and you never know what that is. For me, it was the littering. For other’s it was when Duck kicked the family dog Casey out of the building, leaving the poor animal to fend for itself on the streets of Manhattan.
    I don’t find the men sexist, they’re just a*holes, interesting a-holes.
    Another thing, I have read hand wringing by some critics about AfAm characters. Me, I wonder why the hell there is a need for an elevator operator. You just push the buttons. Everytime I see the black elevator operator, I want to eliminate his position. Because later they’ll all get enlightened realizing that the number of the button corresponds to the number of the floor and they can press their own friggin’ buttons. Ok, litter and elevators.

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