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Street Party

What a great time. Like Greenwich Village’s Halloween Parade DC’s Halloween tradition seemed better than ever.

The Drag high heel race has changed many times over the years, from a rip roaring Halloween night event and a race that included stops in the local gay bars to what seemed an event for straights to gawk. The last time I went it felt like no one was in costume except for the racers.

One friend wondered if it wasn’t like the community playing into stereotypes of the watchers. Could be interpreted that way.

Then we melded into the huge crowds and were disabused. The crowd was highly integrated with straights and gays; lesbians and gay men. Everybody relished the show and wanted more without a tinge of ridicule.

A range of great costumes, from four takes on Sarah Palin to the Texas Mormons! From the tried and true Marilyn Monroe with JFK to the Britney in the old days group.  Two friends dressed as a cork screw and Bacchus to market their wine company! And my husband channeling Edie Beale as a leggy and thin. As one of the straight women standing beside us said. Damn, wish I had those legs!

What a blast and another reason to embrace the community!


Gay/Lesbian Film Festivals

Saw Were the World Mine at the DC Reel Affirmations Closing. Sneak peak below:

One friend said it was the movie he’d wished for when he was seventeen. Others saw little sophistication.  I gave it a 3-star delightful review, similar to this one:

The 774-seat Shakespeare Theater Company’s Harmon Theater is a beautiful place to see it. However, the whole upper deck looked empty.

Here’s the thing. Years ago, there was a camp sensibility and/or an outright unabashed sexuality to the festival; with high jinks and shirtless men on stage before the movies.

When movies like this one get a mainstream opening, when they play festivals there needs to be something special at the festival to make it unique.

Stadium Controversy

Who pays? How often is that the issue.

The DC government and the Washington Nationals battled through 2008 over the new stadium, rent, and other costs. They reach a proposed settlement. The City Council and some in the public are unhappy.

Ironically, Newsweek runs a pull out section on building luxury stadiums this week.

Who will pay the costs for the tickets? The Nats finished ranked 19 out of 30 teams in attendance at their new stadium. This amounted to 2.3 million of about 70% of capacity.

The attendance rose 400,000 between 2007 and 2008, the last year at RFK Stadium and first at National Park.  Despite the rise, the change of venue did not provide a significant lift.

The Nats charged much less than the Yankees will:

Presidential seats are $300. Diamond seats, 15 rows just behind the presidential seats, are $150. Other seats on the field level range from $25 to $60 for a full-season plan, and slightly more for half or partial-season packages. On the club level, seats are $45 and $55 for full-season plans only.

On the mezzanine level, tickets are $20 to $30. The terrace level has seats for $10 to $15, while the gallery level offers seats costing $15 to $20. The upper gallery has seats for $10 to $15. These prices are for full-season plans; partial-year plans are slightly more. Grandstand seats are $5 and available only for single-game purchases.

The management showed smarts. After the team’s poor year ( 59-102 ), worst in the NL, they lowered ticket prices.

2009 Season ticket price changes
Category Section 2009 Full ST Price 2008 Full ST Price
CF Reserved 100 $30 $40
CF Lounge 100 $50 $60
LF Reserved 101-102 $20 $30
LF Box 103 & 107 $25 $30
LF Corner 108-110 $30 $45/$40/$30
RF Corner 135-136 $30 $45/$30
RF Reserved 138-143 $20 $25
Scoreboard Pavilion 237-243 $18 $25/20

Survey: Gay Lesbian Queer Film Festivals

We’re in the middle of DC’s festival, the third largest GLBT one in the country.


Do we need festivals anymore?

1) yes
2) no

why or why not?

Reel Affirmations Film Festival

Anybody go to the first weekend of the DC gay and lesbian film festival?

I saw a love story Finding Me and a documentary about 70s and 80s porn star Jack Wrangler.

Tell me who this poster is aiming at:

Sex sells!

Movie Stars Politics and You

This morning came across a gossip piece about actor Robert Duvall and his support of John McCain.
Dennis Hopper is a Republican and since finding that out I do not watch any movie with him in it.

Robert Duvall, Bare-Lipped Pit Bull

Hey, Robert Duvall, tell us how you really feel! The Oscar winner took the stage to introduce Sarah Palin at a $1,500-a-head GOP fundraiser Monday at the Ritz-Carlton, Tysons Corner — but first he took the opportunity to name names and settle scores.

“It bothers me that certain people in the Republican Party are attacking the McCain-Palin ticket,” he said, according to a pool report. “Like the super-nerd George — what’s his name? George Wills[sic] . . . and Tommy Thompson. The original block of wood.”

He continued: “And on the other side of the aisle, you have some pretty despicable people.” Duvall called out liberal NYT columnist Frank Rich, a former theater critic: “He knew nothing about acting.” Then there was the time he met Gloria Steinem: “She totally ignored the woman standing behind me. Totally ignored her. So much for her feminism.” Duvall was more restrained when it came to Barack Obama: “As far as I’m concerned, we’ve got to keep this guy out of the White House.”

I’ve heard of people not watching Sean Penn movies or Barbra Streisand records because of their liberal politics.

Do you not buy movies or CDs because of a star’s politics?

Sex and the Presidential Campaign

Can someone tell me how many times we have heard the word “hot” used to describe Sarah Palin?

Instead of complaining about the sexualization of the Veep candidate, media outlets complain about the image being “too real”, such as “But it’s not the content of the story that is the problem. It is the deliberate attempt to show a very beautiful woman in a bad light.

Most cover photos are airbrushed and or touched up when someone’s face is shown that close, unless of course you are a republican.”

A photo shoots Palin from her shoes up, with a male McCain supporter in the background looking like he is framed between her legs.

It is not the first time good looks are “supposedly” shaping a Presidential election. When Warren Harding won in 1920, rumors had it that women voted for his because he was handsome. This is unprovable and presumably a reaction to that election being the first time that women could vote for President.

In 1960, women reportedly appreciated Kennedy’s good looks.

On PBS’ To the Contrary two weeks ago they noted that men rather than women are the majority of Palin’s supporters. Are we surprised that there could be a link between their support and their fantasies?

Anyone know how often tv shows and movies take the brunette, put glasses on her, tied her hair up and make her the librarian or some other intelligent but “mousy” worker. Then, presto, the hair comes down and she is a raving beauty.

Control the hormones, please.

Preseidential Debate Analysis

Anybody tell me why the news media has to use one Republician and one Democratic “strategist” as part of their post debate anaysis. What a surprise that one saw benefits for McCain and the other saw benefits for Obama.

Where are the analysts who are not strictly under the pall of a political party? With all the layoffs at the newspapers around the country there should be a ton of people to pick from?

Tolerance for Gays

How Old-school. Governor Palin says during the Vice-Presidential Debate that she has tolerance for us. Wow. Thanks a lot.
Haven’t heard that used in years.
As journalist Jonathan Capeheart said in Saturday’s Washington Post, we expect respect!

Hell, Palin probably watches all the Bravo design shows. Doesn’t she realize how many gays and lesbians are creating all those wow products! Let alone so many contributions to the arts and letters over the years.

Shall I be tolerant of her choice of religion or are we striving for greater understanding in a pluralistic culture like the US!

By the way, Senator Biden did little better with his response. However, I got the feeling from him that he supports all the initiatives to give gays and lesbians and transsexuals every right that a couple has, sans MARRIAGE.