Stadium Controversy

Who pays? How often is that the issue.

The DC government and the Washington Nationals battled through 2008 over the new stadium, rent, and other costs. They reach a proposed settlement. The City Council and some in the public are unhappy.

Ironically, Newsweek runs a pull out section on building luxury stadiums this week.

Who will pay the costs for the tickets? The Nats finished ranked 19 out of 30 teams in attendance at their new stadium. This amounted to 2.3 million of about 70% of capacity.

The attendance rose 400,000 between 2007 and 2008, the last year at RFK Stadium and first at National Park.  Despite the rise, the change of venue did not provide a significant lift.

The Nats charged much less than the Yankees will:

Presidential seats are $300. Diamond seats, 15 rows just behind the presidential seats, are $150. Other seats on the field level range from $25 to $60 for a full-season plan, and slightly more for half or partial-season packages. On the club level, seats are $45 and $55 for full-season plans only.

On the mezzanine level, tickets are $20 to $30. The terrace level has seats for $10 to $15, while the gallery level offers seats costing $15 to $20. The upper gallery has seats for $10 to $15. These prices are for full-season plans; partial-year plans are slightly more. Grandstand seats are $5 and available only for single-game purchases.

The management showed smarts. After the team’s poor year ( 59-102 ), worst in the NL, they lowered ticket prices.

2009 Season ticket price changes
Category Section 2009 Full ST Price 2008 Full ST Price
CF Reserved 100 $30 $40
CF Lounge 100 $50 $60
LF Reserved 101-102 $20 $30
LF Box 103 & 107 $25 $30
LF Corner 108-110 $30 $45/$40/$30
RF Corner 135-136 $30 $45/$30
RF Reserved 138-143 $20 $25
Scoreboard Pavilion 237-243 $18 $25/20

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