Gay/Lesbian Film Festivals

Saw Were the World Mine at the DC Reel Affirmations Closing. Sneak peak below:

One friend said it was the movie he’d wished for when he was seventeen. Others saw little sophistication.  I gave it a 3-star delightful review, similar to this one:

The 774-seat Shakespeare Theater Company’s Harmon Theater is a beautiful place to see it. However, the whole upper deck looked empty.

Here’s the thing. Years ago, there was a camp sensibility and/or an outright unabashed sexuality to the festival; with high jinks and shirtless men on stage before the movies.

When movies like this one get a mainstream opening, when they play festivals there needs to be something special at the festival to make it unique.


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  2. jane on

    i liked this movie called, The World Unseen. The movie is worth appreciating!.. i even brought a DVD!!

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