Street Party

What a great time. Like Greenwich Village’s Halloween Parade DC’s Halloween tradition seemed better than ever.

The Drag high heel race has changed many times over the years, from a rip roaring Halloween night event and a race that included stops in the local gay bars to what seemed an event for straights to gawk. The last time I went it felt like no one was in costume except for the racers.

One friend wondered if it wasn’t like the community playing into stereotypes of the watchers. Could be interpreted that way.

Then we melded into the huge crowds and were disabused. The crowd was highly integrated with straights and gays; lesbians and gay men. Everybody relished the show and wanted more without a tinge of ridicule.

A range of great costumes, from four takes on Sarah Palin to the Texas Mormons! From the tried and true Marilyn Monroe with JFK to the Britney in the old days group.  Two friends dressed as a cork screw and Bacchus to market their wine company! And my husband channeling Edie Beale as a leggy and thin. As one of the straight women standing beside us said. Damn, wish I had those legs!

What a blast and another reason to embrace the community!


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