Southern African Tourist World AIDS Day Take

Most of you reading this have lost several friends to this disease over its nearly thirty year run.

I visited South Africa and Swaziland in the fall where the virus is running rampant. In the major cities of South Africa we saw little acknowledgment of the disease or any ads about prevention or medicines.

However, in Swaziland we saw elaborate and homemade signs warning about HIV/AIDS. Whatsmore, the border stations going into and out of the country had free condoms available for the taking. While there are still way too many people getting sick and dying in this kingdom, at least we witnessed a small victory.


6 comments so far

  1. Tanya Bennett on

    Interesting perspective – and I find the idea of the homemade signs inspiring… would love to see photos posted if you took any.

  2. SimplyForties on

    Nice to hear that efforts are being made.

  3. ulla on

    dunno if you know of zackie achmat … amazing aids activist here in s.a.

  4. bla2222 on


    please tell me more about zackie achmat. Maybe we can have you do a guest blog.

  5. bla2222 on


    We don’t have a good photograph. Can’t believe the bad luck.

  6. ulla on

    there’s lots about him online … really amazing guy, i think.

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