Obama Inauguration Rentals

The number of friends and acquaintances who are offering up homes, condos, apartments, and even rooms to rent at high prices for this event keeps growing. Want a two bedroom condo on Church Street with a roof deck to party on? Got $5000? Want something bigger, there’s a place five blocks west that cost five times as much but is four-bedrooms and in Dupont Circle.

The city decided to relax its regulations and city residents are taking advantage.

Let’s say you want to name your price. No problem: Here’s a place to do it. http://cgi.ebay.com/House-Rent-Inaugural-Historical-Event-3-5-day-rental_W0QQcmdZViewItemQQitemZ260314488394

Virginia and Maryland residents are getting in on the act too.

2-bedroom Apt. for four days
at$3,500.00 plus and ten min. from D.C.
As for me and my partner, I don’t think we want to have unknown house guests even with a basement area. He might be interested if one of our friends wants to stay there while they are renting their place….

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  1. ngoldfarb on

    I like your site

    want to exchange reciprocal links?

    remember: “If elections changed anything, they would make them illegal.”

    Would you support my proposals for two new government programs?


  2. bla2222 on

    sure, great idea.

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