Bailout Financial Transparency

Where’s the financial details about the ledgers of all these banks and insurance companies that have indulged in the federal trough? Why should money be doled out to companies by us when we have no information about the extent of their debt and what kind of debts they have? What kind of assets do these companies have and how much of each?

Wouldn’t a sane person require this information before they invested? As taxpayers do we not deserve the right to know all the details about the taxpayer’s money? Meanwhile, the sellers of all these derivatives skate away undiscussed. Many people like myself think these people committed a fraudulent act, selling mortgages to people that they knew could not afford them. Why has there been no discussion of the profits and commissions made by these dealers through these deals?

Meanwhile, a new set of standards are applied to the automobile manufactures. We even know what cents on the dollar the Congress wants the bond holders to accept. We also witnessed a ton of union bashing. More and inaccurate dirty laundry comes out all the time about the members of the union.

Anybody show me where the facts on the financial industry are?


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