Yankees Salaries and Taxpayer Santa

I am a huge Yankees fan and I wanted to see the team improve. Therefore I understand and accept the spending of all those big bucks on free agents (Mark Teixeria for $180 million over eight years and pitchers AJ Burnett and CC Sabathia for $82.5 million for five and $ 161 for seven). My pro worker sentiments support players getting as much as they can but also know that the owners are always making more profits.

Much of the criticism has been on the lack of a salary cap in baseball. This allows for teams like the Yankees and Boston to spend because of the revenue that they make. However, one dean of the baseball writers argues such spending is the American way.

A system that spurs such terrible inequity in our nation’s wealth holdings and salaries as well I am not in favor of at all. It also leads to high prices for tickets, which price out many people from being able to attend games. Supporters of instituting a salary cap also know that some team owners are more interested in milking a profit from the team than in spending up to the cap but they argue that baseball and its luxury tax are much worse.

My main concern is precisely what is mentioned toward the end of the last article. Let’s be real about where the money comes from. The taxpayers in cities from New York City to Washington, DC are building the physical plants for these teams free of charge and in some instances getting hammered in the rental agreements by these teams as well.


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