Fleecing Bankers

Obama sets a stage to criticize the bankers and Wall Street executives for giving themselves enormous bonuses.

Hello, why didn’t the TARP ban such action?!

Certainly, the executives are showing that they lack any moral compass, or at best, have overridden any sense of shame with some rationale they they have repeated to themselves so many times that they think it must be true.

They are also showing little concern for the allocation of the money to the business and to the people who these banks gave loans to. It appears more important for them to give the money to their self than to help stabilize the bank or investment firm or renegotiate many of the outstanding loans.

Congress needs to be out there screaming about this too. Let’s organize a campaign to dump these executives.


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  1. Alan on

    Let’s hope that there will be a further investigation into this and that it’s not just a temporary outrage.

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