Media Truth

What are the pundits and reporters in Washington telling us? How much of their focus is on the horerace and inside politics and why? What effect does a focus on whether the stimulus package is bipartisan or not have on whether we think Obama is being successful or not?

On the latest episode of Bill Moyers Journal two members of the blogging community characterized the Washington media as inside beltwayers who have a vested interest in the current political system and in maintaining the current political system and structure regardless of its effect on the average citizen’s life and pocket book and wallet.

This is much more than the usual complaints about a pro-liberal media or a conservative network of talk radio.

This is about how the media reports policy activities and the daily actions of the Congress and the President.

Their critique is available here.

Does a problem with the media lead to the positive conclusions that they have about the possibilities of the blogosphere? I am not very sure I believe their conclusions and am inclined to agree with this one commentator.  The problem is, if everyone talks at once, can anyone listen?
I blog and post all the time – and have specific, new, ideas on how to effectuate real change. I don’t think anyone in power ever hears me – or the millions of other single voices shouting in the electronic cacophony. Have you heard this?
How about my answer to the Afghanistan problem from a previous show? Maybe all that rises from the din is the indistinct voice of the muddled middle.


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