Barbara Cook: An Institution That Works In DC

She sang her heart out last night.

The crowd of old-timers and gay men gave her such continuous ovation that Ms. Cook constantly put her hand to her heart and several times reached out to embrace the crowd.

She sang many non-typical songs, but from the best composers: Arlen, Gershwin, Berlin, Mercer, Sondheim.

The band was tight and I, for one, wanted to hear them jam more.


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  1. Sarah Clark on

    How can I find a list of the songs she sang?

    • bla2222 on

      She sang Nashville Nightingale
      I know Things Now
      No One Is Alone

      I’ll list more when I remember them.

    • bla2222 on

      She also sang:
      Lost In the Stars
      No More
      This Nearly Was Mine and another from South Pacific
      A pair: “I’m going to write myself a letter” with the letter song from “Passion”

  2. hauhUnmaree on

    great domain name for blog like this)))

    • bla2222 on

      thanks; I think it’s appropriate for me.
      How many times have you seen Ms. Cooke?

  3. kepeInnob on

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