Jon Stewart Scapegoating

Columnist Richard Cohen claims Stewart took a cheap shot by interviewing Jim Cramer.

Cohen acknowledges mocking authority is good but thinks Stewart rides the zeitgeist of finding a scapegoat for the current economic mess. He thinks for Stewart the scapegoat is the media.

So what if Cramer and others lost some of their money in the stock market because they really believed in companies like Bear Stearns and AIG. They’re supposed to be knowledgable in the financial area above and beyond the general public and general reporters. Many of us saw the housing bubble and mortgage problems many months ago, asking the simple question: who is buying these houses at these prices and how much longer can it go on.

This zeitgeist is rightfully outraged over the bonuses at AIG. What Stewart shined a light on is that the country wants the Wall Streeters and bankers who created these derivatives and made these loans to take responsibility for this mess.

They want the people to beg to have the chance to fix the mess they created not profit from the mess that they created.  Stewart’s interview made that feeling clear.

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