Theater: Ragtime

Last night saw the restaging of Ragtime at the Kennedy Center. tjtsf_ragtime_138


The five-week production had amazing lighting effects. The other production values were also amazing, including a set of long and numerous steel railings creating the rampways that the cast of immigrants, African-Americans from Harlem and the Caucasians from New Rochelle paraded upon at various times throughout both acts.

 Christiane Noll as Mother and Jennlee Shallow as Sarah had strong, beautiful voices that led a strong cast. As Sarah’s friend Bryonha Parham sang the blazes out of  ‘Till We Reach That Day 

Two in our group had trouble picking up various lyrics at times, due to an overmiking according to one of them.

Another thought that they were not so convinced about Coalhouse Walker Jr.’s character because they believed the actor was too old for the role.

I found the immigrant story trying. Tateh reminds me of a character from John Dos Passos’ book USA, written in 1936.

Other thoughts include: from the Post


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