Annie Hall 2009

Went to see  the world premiere of  The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall  last night and the show did not move me. One friend groaned when I mentioned the title, thinking of Borscht Belt jokes and watching an aging man chase young women across the stage. The show had the former, not the latter.

“In this new comedy,” press notes state, “neurotic young playwright Henry Blume is on a mission to turn his favorite Woody Allen movie into the next great American musical. Betrayal, infidelity and romance fuel his reckless pursuit of Broadway glory, turning Henry’s life upside down in this up to the minute, New York comedy about the perils of success in a notoriously cutthroat town.”

One friend loved the movie and thought he’d get a snappy 2000s version of it. The show lacked the intelligence that he saw in the movie.

I expected a reimagining of the movie and did not get that. The jokes were stale and the plot ended up being little more than a romance with a nerd.  The Post’s critic saw things differently. Here’s other views: from dctheatermania


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