Urban Archaeologist

Heading out tomorrow morning to be a sports archaeologist.

The Washington City Paper’s Cheap Seats columnist and I are going to look over the places where Washignton, DC had ball parks and arenas. We know that there are some remaining touches that indicate that a track or stadium once existed in two of these locations. But what else may be at some of these other places?

DC had several old baseball fields on either side of the Capitol Building. They had two fields in neighborhoods. They had a race track near the Canal. They had an arena where pro wrestling really took off as a sport. They had an arena where the Beatles played their first US concert. Have all the places been completely destroyed.


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  1. CHNNA on

    Dear Brett,

    A neighbor sent me the link to the Washington City Paper, Housing Complex Blog article, You Can Keep the Whole Building, Keep the Whole Building about the Uline Arena. This treasure is located in my neighborhood and my local neighborhood association, Capitol Hill North Neighborhood Association is planning a Uline Storytelling and Sing-along on Saturday, October 3, 2009 at the Atlas Performance Center at 1333 H Street NE from 3:00 PM – 5:30 PM. The event is sponsored in part by the DC Humanities Council and is free and open to the public. We are looking for Uline stories! If you know someone who has a story to tell please send an email to harvestpotluck@gmail.com !

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