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The Book Fair at MOCA DC opened Saturday. I talked with a few of the people about writing, all of us agreeing that each type of writing (screenwriting, novels, non-fiction) required different sets of skills.

There were some great photo books. I was particularly impressed with this series of travel books. The one on Costa Rica meant the most to me because we’ve been there. But some of the China and other places were spectacular.

I liked my own display for Hollywood Bohemians and Capital Sporting Grounds.  I’ve got the photo below.Book_fair

Book Fair

A Georgetown gallery is hosting a city-wide book fair. MOCA_DC has set up space for the city’s authors, journalists, artists and others to show their books. As the curator notes, this demonstrates the variety of talents and skills that artists, models, photographers, journalists, etc cover in this area. 

The exhibit runs from 8/7 to 8/29. 1054 31st St NW # 9