Big Fan

Saw the local DC premiere of Big Fan. It got great reviews out of Sundance Film Festival and a high score on Rotten Tomatoes website so I looked forward to it.

As a huge sports fan, I found the movie accurately portrayed what kind of obsession fans can have. I watched several scenes and th0ught back to some of the football fans I used to know and could see them in Paul’s character.

The movie was definately non-Hollywood as the main character experiences a big event and that does not motivate him to change at all.

Afterwards, I talked with several people about it. Some thought it was neither a black enough movie or a comedy, but walked the line between the two. This left at least a couple of people unsure how they felt.

One person saw the movie as a short story rather than a novel. This was a peek into a world rather than a full blown character study where the person grows and adapts.

I agree with some of the reviewers who found the movie somewhat condescending to the lead character. He knows what he doesn’t want and is willing to accept that he does not have much. A class argument would saythat his fellow siblings were able to move up in society so Paul could too but his character is keeping him from doing so. However, Paul says he does not want the middle class life that his sister and brother have, but he is unable to say what he does want.

I thought the movie could have said much more about the economic circumstances of today’s sports world. We have a vision of Paul and his friend being alone in the Giant Stadium parking lot but is that because they are losers? Where are the other fans who can’t afford the huge ticket prices? Where are the other fans who share the fandom and want to be closer to it but are out of their economic element?

Is Paul another of the many Peter Pans that have been inhabiting movies recently? Both Momma’s Man and Two Lovers bring those characters to the fore. Are these characters trapped as Randy was in The Wrestler? Is this a result of their economic condition?

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