Equality March Success

My partner and I rearranged our trip to Peru so we could be here for the National Equality March this weekend. The March was a huge successith protestors coming in from Maine to California. The boots hit the ground and showed the numbers of gays, lesbians, and straights who believe in equal rights under the law for the United States.

Unlike previous marches on Washington the wattage of celebrity was not too high. Lady Gaga headlined the speakers. Cynthia Nixon was among the biggest names among the marchers.

Much more importantly, the President and the Congress saw that there are numbers out there who will not sit idle and watch as GLBTQ rights continue to go underserved in this country. Speakers demanded an end to Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and they spoke eloquently for marriage rights and an end to Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

CNN, The New York Times, CSpan and the Washington Post were among the media outlets offering valuable coverage. CNN’s carried Judy Shepard’s plea. C-Span showed the entire march. Logo went black to show its solidarity. The Washington Post included an article on local gays and lesbians that want to get married and the march the next day.

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  1. Mari on

    Your link for NYT is wrong.

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