Manu Biosphere: Getting There

Had an amazing time in the Peruvian Amazon River Basin. After watching PBS documentaries for years on the Amazon and having an uncle and a grandfather that spent years in South America, my partner and I went to Peru.

I’m going to focus on the Amazon part of the trip. We went from Cusco into the high Andes, riding along narrow mountain roads, meeting llamas, alpacs, wild dogs, and hundreds of kids walking miles to the nearest schools. Even saw one little girl get pulled down by the pig she was holding on a leash when the pig got startled by our jeep. After six hours we got on mountain bikes

Mountain biking

Mountain biking

mountain biking

with only one operating break and road for an hour and a half to the mountain lodge.

Birds at the Lodge included a group of males that cluster at one site and sing to draw a female into the area. Reminded you of a bar.

Cloud Lodge Bird Bar

Cloud Lodge Bird Bar

After a night at the Lodge we got up at 4:30 am to ride in a jeep for a couple of hours to reach the River Basin. View of the Alto Madre de Dios River where we met some of the locals and started our four hour ride to the Madre De Dios River.

The Alto Madre de Dios River

The Alto Madre de Dios River

Jewelry vendor and friends

Jewelry vendor and friends

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