Most Dangerous Man

Another intriguing year of movies at a Washington, DC Film Festival. The DC Labor festival featured two weeks of movies.

The most interesting group was called the Whistleblower series. Shown at a time when the US Congress is debating a bill to offer protection to federal government employees who speak out about problems and spending issues, the series included four movies: The Whistleblower, Silkwood, The Insider and The Most Dangerous Man In America.


The latter showed in the new theater at the US Capitol Visitors Center and large, spacious, beautiful theater. Representative Jim Moran (Democrat from Virginia) provided inspiring opening remarks.  The audience contained several other political notables and Washington figures.

The movie is a fascinating time capsule that resonates with America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. If five US Presidents can lie to the public about their efforts in Vietnam, then George W. Bush‘s lying about Iraq is not unusual and what is currently not being told to the public?

Ellsberg raises the most salient point: citizens need to be vigilant and demand to know what their leaders are doing!

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