Parade Magazine’s Cowboy Stadium

Woke up this weekend and saw the article in Parade magazine on the cost of sports. Thought the piece was either about the high risk of injury or focused on the economics of professional sports.

The writer focused on the cost of attending a football game. Fair enough. Who can afford to get a good ticket for a NBA game ($150 face value). Even a good ticket for a MLB Baseball game runs ($40-60) and there are 81 home games a year!

The prices are amazing for a NFL game. “The average cost of attending an NFL game for a family of four is $412.64, it’s a staggering $758.58 to watch the Cowboys.” While mentioning that the new Cowboy stadium carries $1.15 billion price tag, the writer doesn’t mention who paid for that.

Just like I describe in Capital Sporting Grounds for Washington, DC, it’s the taxpayers. The total cost of Arlington’s share of the stadium bond debt, including interest, is expected to be $502.9 million. That’s about $44 million more than the city initially expected. At least in this case the team paid about half of the cost!

In the current economic times, who has the disposable income to attend games? Presumably only the top salaried individuals while everyone has to pay for the actual stadium.

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  1. Mari on

    For one people will blow money they have or don’t have (in the form of credit cards) to do something they really, really, want to do. I’m still wondering where my sister got the money to make multiple trips to Disney World in one year. You know how much a ticket at DW costs? Do you know how broke and in debt she is? So like my sister, there is probably some guy maxing out his VISA to see a stupid Coyboys game, and to save some dough I’ll take a guess he’ll leave the kids at home.

    • bla2222 on

      weird about you sis.
      ought to get her priorities fixed.

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