Holiday Gifts

Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive
Sexuality and the Selling of the Movieland
Dream. Brett L. Abrams. 256pp.,
2008, $39.95 softcover, 20 photos,
notes, bibliography, index, 978-0-7864-
Mexican Cinema: Reflections of a
Society, ¡896–2004, 3d ed. Carl J.
Mora. 335pp., 2005, $49.95 hardcover
(7 × ¡0), ¡58 photos, bibliography,
appendices, notes, index, 978-0-7864-
Asian Gothic: Essays on Literature,
Film and Anime. Edited by Andrew
Hock Soon Ng. 252pp., 2008, $35 softcover,
notes, bibliography, index, 978-
Tech-Noir: The Fusion of Science
Fiction and Film Noir. Paul Meehan.
272pp., 2008, $55 hardcover (7 × ¡0),
64 photos, filmography, notes, bibliography,
index, 978-0-7864-3325-4.
Sword Fighting in the Star Wars
Universe: Historical Origins, Style
and Philosophy. Nick Jamilla. 287pp.,
2008, $35 softcover, notes, bibliography,
index, 978-0-7864-346¡-9.
Femme Noir: Bad Girls of Film. Karen
Burroughs Hannsberry. 643pp., 20¡0
[¡998], $75 softcover (in 2 vols.), 98
photos, references, filmographies, bibliography,
index, 978-0-7864-4682-7.
Bad Boys: The Actors of Film Noir.
Karen Burroughs Hannsberry. 797pp.,
2008 [2003], $75 softcover (7 × ¡0 in 2
vols.), ¡48 photos, appendices, bibliography,
index, 978-0-7864-3739-9.
Cornell Woolrich from Pulp Noir to
Film Noir. Thomas C. Renzi. 368pp.,
2006, $35 softcover, 32 photos, bibliography,
index, 978-0-7864-235¡-4.


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