Washington DC Roads

Been out riding around on my hybrid bicycle the last few days and have a great sense of how much the 20 inches of snow has slowed the nation’s capital.

The northwest section is mostly thinly plowed. If the section with the most businesses and richest citizens are not getting Department of transportation attention you can only imagine what the rest of the city looks like.

There are several state streets, such as New York Avenue, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Avenue, that at least have one lane plowed going in each direction. In some of the busier intersections, there are two or three lanes open.

The numbered streets are a mixed bag. The major streets, such as 7th and 9th Streets, are both well plowed. Most of the rest of them barely have a single lane cleared. The alphabet streets are somewhat worse. Even in major traffic areas, most of the road isn’t visible under caked down snow and ice.

Where have the plows been since Saturday? The City Council member’s office promises that the city has not ignored any areas. Seems like each area has been left unfinished since the weekend’s one time pass on the street with a single plow.

Now DC is getting more snow forecast for tonight and Wednesday.

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