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Land of the Film Festival

International, Independent, Shorts, Labor, Jewish, Documentaries, Gay and Lesbian, DC has film festivals throughout the year.

The 18th annual Environmental film festival began last night and runs until the end of March. Many of the movies are from other countries so their embassies and cultural centers screen the flicks for free.

I saw two good ones tonight at the Goethe Institute downtown. The two German movies focused on wildly different topics. Exotic Homeland looks at creatures from other parts of the world who have settled in German waters and land and have adapted well. How did they get there and how do they survive? Do they crowd out native plants and animals?

The Rheas from Argentina in the weeds and the raccoons in the fens are cute and seemingly harmless. But the crabs from China and ants from parts unknown are so numerous that they are creepy to watch.

Nothing was harder to watch than the slaughter of whales and dolphins that begins the movie, Last Giants.  The movie features these creatures who are getting squeezed for space in the Atlantic Ocean. They found a ready food source in the Straights of Gibraltar but the 300 cargo ships that go through the channel every day run them over, cut them up of drive them to the beach.

I left early feeling wiped out.

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New Movie, Play and Mother’s Sexual Behaviors

The DC Film Society hosted a reception and DC premiere screening of South Korea‘s Oscar nominee, Mother. Had a blast seeing the roof of the new W Hotel. The movie did little for me.

A Mother discovers the police have closed the book on her son for murder, she begins the investigation that they left behind. A Korean version of Murder She Wrote, with a developmentally disadvantaged child as the killer. Hard to take.

Even harder to take was their relationship. Son slept in the bed with Mother. Hand seized her breast. She says, “It’s late.”

If that didn’t stretch my level of acceptance of sexual choices, Studio Theater staged the play, That Face. Written by a 19-year-old English woman, the play features a violent 15 year old daughter, a father who ran off with his secretary years ago, a drunk Valium popping mentally disturbed Mother and the 18-year old son who shared her bed.

Winner of three major playwrighting awards and yet a row of middle-aged men could not stop talking and giggling. Others audibly moaned. Ushers who have been seeing tons of plays for two decades walked out with little positive to say. Was it the hopelessness of the characters or was it simply the sexuality?

The coincidence of seeing a new movie and a play with Mother son sex in three days is freaky. This Bohemian learned he has boundaries!

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