Land of the Film Festival

International, Independent, Shorts, Labor, Jewish, Documentaries, Gay and Lesbian, DC has film festivals throughout the year.

The 18th annual Environmental film festival began last night and runs until the end of March. Many of the movies are from other countries so their embassies and cultural centers screen the flicks for free.

I saw two good ones tonight at the Goethe Institute downtown. The two German movies focused on wildly different topics. Exotic Homeland looks at creatures from other parts of the world who have settled in German waters and land and have adapted well. How did they get there and how do they survive? Do they crowd out native plants and animals?

The Rheas from Argentina in the weeds and the raccoons in the fens are cute and seemingly harmless. But the crabs from China and ants from parts unknown are so numerous that they are creepy to watch.

Nothing was harder to watch than the slaughter of whales and dolphins that begins the movie, Last Giants.  The movie features these creatures who are getting squeezed for space in the Atlantic Ocean. They found a ready food source in the Straights of Gibraltar but the 300 cargo ships that go through the channel every day run them over, cut them up of drive them to the beach.

I left early feeling wiped out.

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