New Stadiums: In This Climate?

Fox’s football writer is calling for a new stadium for the Minnesota Vikings because the Metrodome is a “dump.” He notes that nine other cities also need to replace “antiquated” stadiums or risk losing the teams to new cities.

What cities and states have the resources to spend on a stadium right now?

Local towns and cities across the country are shutting down schools for one day a week. They are laying off workers. They are not filling jobs. In some cases their bond ratings are dropping. How could any municipality or state possibly take out more debt to finance a stadium right now.

Years ago they would never even think about spending public money on a stadium. New York City spent on rehabing Yankee Stadium in the early 1970s and was soon asking the federal government for a loan to stay afloat. Are any of the cities “needing” to replace stadiums doomed to repeat this?

Maybe the reporter is right about the stadiums. However, he should atleast be aware of the situation going on in the country!


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