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Sports Talk

No, no more about LeBron James. The only thing missing from his hour program is having it mandatory for the networks to carry it!

The Maryland Sabermetrics Group has invited me to talk about Capital Sporting  Grounds with them.

Wow, “the search for objective knowledge about baseball.” Time for me to think about how my book on the ever increasing role of sports in US culture and on the development of Washington DC is going to play to this audience.

These guys crunch statistics because statistics are the best objective record of the game available, so now I have to go back to the Baseball Encyclopedia and check out how well some of the old Washington Nationals played or how good was some of the players that the Senators traded?

You have to love that Tufts and Bowling Green offer courses on Sabermetrics.  The Bowling Green math course is stunning. The Sabermetrics Research and Baseball Think Factory are major web sites for analysis. I don’t see that anybody ran calculations on the old Washington players.

Think I’ll show some stadium photos like this, part of Washington-Baltimore’s Olympic Games plans:

and find anomalies to feature in the talk.

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