DC’s Great Dance Week

Two live shows and representing on So You Think You Can Dance; can we hear it for DC dance!

Carter Barron Ampitheatre hosted Metro DC Dance on Friday. On Saturday, Culture Shock DC filled the place. East Coast Dance Community Concert 2010 featured hip hopers and troupes ranging in ages from 7 to mid-age. Groups came down from Philadelphia and New York City and over from Germany, bringing lots of percision and  and high energy along with individual breakout skills.

They will be holding the free event again next summer so be ready.

The finale of So You Think You Can Dance for 2010 crowned Lauren as the top dancer. It showed us the top dance numbers for the year and, of course, featured Ellen De Generes getting down. The show also put DC dance on the map. Luke came out and showed his tap dance chops. During the DC Hip Hop festival, my partner and I saw Luke come out of the audience to put on his show at Dance Place. Here’s how one reporter saw Luke: Then a 7-year-old kid, Luke, came out to take his place. And by god, can that kid dance. No offense to Melinda (…OK, offense to Melinda), but THAT is what I think of when I think of tap. The kid had rhythm, variation, and style to spare. She always just seemed so messy when she did tap. The other styles she was great on, but tap? I never got it. This kid was great.

Then the Manzari Brothers followed with a tap routine. The two performed in Arena Stage’s Sophisticated Ladies this spring.


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