Political Advertising

How many of you have received fliers in the mail? It is primary season throughout the US and every candidate is getting their message on the tv and radio and sending fliers in the mail.

The Democratic Primary is bigger than the General Election in Washington, DC because of the overwhelming number of Democrats to Republicans and Independents here. You win the Mayoral and  Council member Democratic races and you’re extremely likely to win.

The DC Council passed a bill guaranteeing same-sex couples the right to marry. The Ward 5  Coucil member Harry Thomas Jr. decided to vote for the bill.

What are the fliers that this gay man in a committed relationship saying: vote for me because the heathens that are promoting gay marriage are taking over the Ward.

Please, at least do some basic research before you send your fliers over the neighborhood! A special case is the message of candidate Delano Holmes: gays and lesbians are the boogeyman for him. “Radical, gay marriage activists are flooding Ward 5 with money to defeat Delano Holmes … only because he supports the Biblical definition of marriage. My God,  what is this flood of money in Ward 5 going toward? Do we have our own television station carrying advertising, are there neighborhood print shops putting up magnificent billboards and posters? At least the influx of money would help our underemployed populace.


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