Jobs, Justice, Equality

Today’s March brought out more people than Glen Beck’s March did. The unions, churches, gay and lesbian rights groups, and political organizations filled the Mall around the Reflecting Pool and the grass leading up to the Lincoln Memorial.

The speakers were not very skillful orators. Many of the same old same old speakers, including Jesse Jackson, took the podium and were frankly dull.

I got tired of all the simple mantras, like we need to fight for education for everybody, and most of the chants did not generate audience chanting it back in response.

Evoking Martin Luther King Jr. in your talk does not automatically generate enthusiasm in the crowd. Fighting for economic justice was dame tough for King too and they did not succeed like they did with the Civil Rights fight.

The best thing were the homemade signs like:

Wall Street has two parties, the people deserve one too!

Go out and vote, then hold the Democrats to helping the everyday person make their live better!

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