Gleeful over Glee’s Rocky Horror

Like so many who grew up from the mid-1970s to the early 1990s, I went to the local theater that showed Rocky Horror Picture Show at midnight.

In seventy visits to see the show, fully armed to launch materials at the screen and audience members I always had a blast.

Two weeks ago, the Glee previews had me singing songs that I had not thought about in a long time and was I thrilled.

Like several critics, I wished the show would have featured more songs and scenes and less of the forced triangle of Will, Emma and Carl.

Both Kurt and Santana and Brittany were excellent in their roles. Mercedes as Frank-n-furter was interesting briefly. She can certainly sing but the gay sexuality and transvestism were key components to the show and were sadly missing in this reimagining.

The summary of the rationale for embracing the show appealed to several critics, including a writer in the New York Times. I don’t disagree.

Rocky Horror meant going out to a cool place when you lived in the suburbs and getting the chance to act zany and crazy. Finally, it gave a vision to a world that many of us had no clue about.



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