Disappointment with Washington

Sure I could be talking about the White House, the Congress, Democrats and Republicans. Most of you already feel bummed about them so my saying so would not be a surprise.

It’s a move by Washington’s sports team that seems like one in their history of bad moves. The Nationals lost Adam Dunn and will get two draft picks back. Wow! Let’s see  minus 76 home runs and in exchange the team gets two questionmarks.

How do you sell that one to your fan base? The Nationals had enough difficulty drawing warm bodies to their home games.

Here’s the analysis of the pros:

The losers in all of this are the Nationals, who probably could’ve locked up Dunn for something in the range of three years and $30 million at the All-Star break, when Dunn very much wanted to stay in Washington. After deciding to not make that deal, the Nationals’ leadership opted to not trade Dunn when the interest in him was at its hottest, in July; they failed to get any major league ready young players, which is exactly what they have a desperate need for today.

Their lineup without Dunn suddenly looks very different — significantly weakened. Without Dunn hitting in the middle of the order, there is no reason for opposing pitchers to pitch to Ryan Zimmerman.

 Time will tell whether Dunn’s departure will erode Zimmerman’s feelings about the future of the franchise. Zimmerman, you may recall, had talked openly and repeatedly about how he wanted Dunn to remain with the team.

The Nationals have been damanged, writes Adam Kilgore, and he spoke with Zimmerman. From Adam’s story:

    “To me, this is the place where I want to be, where I want to be for the rest of my career,” Zimmerman said. “The only reason I wouldn’t want to play here is if I thought we didn’t have a chance to win … I still believe that we will.”Zimmerman was clearly frustrated though, and it’s a frustration that assuredly will represent the overwhelming majority of the team’s fan base. “I hope that this plan they have intact — I guess this is one of the years we were supposed to take that next step and become one of the teams that gets those free agent guys,” Zimmerman said. “They’ve told us and the fans to be patient. Hopefully this is one of the years we start acquiring impact guys and taking the team to that next level.”

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