Anywhere But Somewhere

Sophia Coppola is at it again. Her new movie, Somewhere, gives viewers lyrical art design and mood with a vision of Hollywood and celebrity’s ennui. Despite this ennui, the people I watched with said, it was better than their lives. They could have made his life more fabulous given his money and attention.

Oh, and all the women want to sleep with poor Johnny (Stephen Dorff). He obliges, sometimes poorly, sometimes he drops off to sleep. How come I never saw the attraction.

Whatever work goes into being an actor, the most we see his having a mask made to look like an old man. One wonders when he reads his lines. When does this guy go to the gym?

The most entertaining aspect of the movie is wondering what parts of the scenes that Johnny’s daughter Cleo experiences with her father resonate with the parts of Sophia’s life as a Hollywood daughter.

Whomever doesn’t know Hollywood can be boring and celebrity has its pitfalls must have missed most movies about Hollywood made since the great Sunset Boulevard and all the celebrity rehab shows on Bravo and VH1.

While all critics rated a 77% liked on Rotten Tomatoes, the top critics rated a 65% and the audiences a 50%.


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