Sundance, Park City, Movies

First year at Sundance. Not industry so don’t have to think money, distribution, rights. But my disappointment is that there are no Hollywood sex antics going on that I can find, like I describe in my book, Hollywood Bohemians: Transgressive Sexuality and the Selling of the Movieland Dream.

Saw actor James Cromwell, lead in Babe, character actor in The People Versus Larry Flint.

Pop Star Sasha donned in leather interviewing celebrities. Forrest Whitacker dining inside a restaurant.

Wanted to see James Franco and others but missed Oprah by a few.

Saw Gun Hill Road starring Esai Morales, which was excellent movie about Latinos in the Bronx.

The documentary We Were Here is a painful depiction of the era of AIDS in San Francisco.

Tuesday was foreign film day. Attenborough, a Greek movie, about a young woman and her coping with her dying Dad and lack of sexual experience, was moody and slow. A Few Days of Respite, a French film about Iranians, was beautiful, moody, and left much unexplained. This led to many questions to the director about explaining things.

I saw Park City’s history. There is a so-called historic district that has a few of the small miners homes left. The Washington School Inn, is a converted school house from the late nineteenth century. The Blue Church Lodge is near the old blue church meeting room. There are Later Day Saints meeting halls, and a church that holds all the combined other Protestant churches in the area.

Today I saw the movie I Melt With You staring Rob Lowe and Thomas Jane. Applause at the credits were polite.


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