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Did you grow up watching Siskel and Ebert? Ever wonder about the power of critics to make or break a movie?

Go see For the Love of Movies an excellent documentary about the world of film criticism from the beginnings of the silent movie to today’s multiplex.

The movie informs you about the people and the scope of the opinions that they wrote in the major newspapers, magazines, fanzines and finally in emags and on blogs.

It is particularly fun seeing clips from movies and learning more about Hollywood publicity. Would have liked to know more about how much money, time and resources is spent on wooing “critics” to come see movies before they are even released to the regular movie critics?

Hollywood has always had its publicity hoopla and its Hollywood bohemians who were promoted in order to sell movies and the movie industry.

Critics lose their mojo and their audiences and new approaches to reviewing movies rise up. This happened in the late 1960s and again in the 1990s. Beside editing like music videos what else changed in the style of movies in the early 1990s that led to a new way of reviewing movies?


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