Save Yusani: Ecuador’s Amazon

The word spread tonight about the need to save the Yusani National Park. Washington DC’s environmental film festival screened the documentary, Yusani: Two Seconds To Live at the Ecuador Embassy.

Yasuní and oil exploitation
Scientists from all over the world have qualified Yasuní as the zone with the highest biodiversity of the world. Within one hectare of Yasuní, 644 different species of trees have been identified. There are as many different species in one hectare of Yasuní, as there are in the whole of North America.
Yasuní has been declared a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

This biosphere reserve is also the territory of the indigenous Huaorani people and some tribes who live in voluntary isolation. These are the last free human beings of Ecuador, true warriors who live in the so-called society of abundance, because they only produce the minimum to satisfy their own needs.

The foreseeable impacts of oil exploitation in the park are: contamination, deforestation, destruction of the social fabric, extinction of cultures etc.

Hollywood stars are supporting the initiative, particularly Leonardo DiCaprio and Ed Norton.

Watch a clip here:

This area must be saved. If the ITT initiative works then this type of plan can be used in other countries to preserve environments that benefit the entire world.

I have been to the Amazon in Peru and it was an amazing experience. I can’t imagine that this kind of place with its amazing life could be gone in a generation.


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  1. Angelo Lundy on

    …I see the animals on Yusani National Forest have a rich texture on their body…is this because the rainforest helps them in its environment? it would be nice to know, if someone could answer my question. Thank you.

    • bla2222 on

      Hi Angelo:

      That is a very interesting question. I think you have the answer as all animals are built to fit into their specific environment. But I’m going to look into it a bit more and write back on it.

      Happy New Year

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