You Picked the NCAA Winner

So let us be real for a minute, did you really have these four teams coming out of their brackets?

Genius, I say, or a fan of VCU or Butler?

Does the appearance of VCU validate the NCAA’s decision to expand the number of teams that enter the tournament? Can they expand more, and if so will the tournament go through April? The four stations involved in the showing of every game might salivate over having more games to show. Hey, CBS and Turner paid over $11 million for the 14 year contract.

Television ratings for the men’s NCAA Tournament are 15 percent higher than last year and the best since 1993, CBS and Turner Sports said in a news release Monday.

Over the course of the tournament, the upset-filled, down-to-the-wire drama has been watched by 6.8 percent of American households across the 56 largest media markets, according to Bloomberg.

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This year there are many unhappy college hoops fans. Certainly, the supports of Duke, Kansas, Texas, North Carolina all have gone home. What effect will that have on the television ratings for the last four games. UConn and Kentucky certainly have fan bases of considerable size and maybe the Cinderella nature of the smaller schools might attract the fans. But no college can match Duke’s national pull, or even that of University of North Carolina with its Jordan heritage.

Most intriguing thing I hears was what will Butler’s coach do after getting his team to the final four for these two years? Will he go off to bigger pastures and bigger snatch? Will he stay and keep constructing this program into a monster for years to come?


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