Giants and Dodgers Show the Way

You’ve heard put a ring on it. Try put a Band Aid on it.

Last night, the two baseball teams with one of the most intense rivalries hugged and tried to show that there is no bad blood between them. They were trying to set an example for their fans.

Dodger owner McCourt is spending a ton of money on security in order to address the insane act done by at least two men last week. The men beat a Giants fan outside the parking lot of Dodger Stadium, causing the man to suffer brain damage.

The teams engaged in a nice gesture. Their act would work on rational people. Anyone who would beat another person senseless is not a rational person. Major League Baseball has just experienced the thuggary of international soccer with its hooligans.

Ironicly, a feature writer for Bleacher Report posted an article:

MLB Power Rankings: Analyzing All 30 Fanbases To Find the Most Emotional One

Why now? He ranks Dodger fans number 4. The description:

The Dodgers have had quite a few different names over the years – many of them unofficial. The Bridegrooms, the Superbas, the Robins, the Grays. The one that everyone remembers? ‘Brooklyn’.

When the Brooklyn Dodgers moved across the country to California, there was outrage, protesting and grieving on such a scale, you would not think it was about a baseball team. There are still people who want the Dodgers to move back to the East coast. Now that’s loyalty.

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