Baseball, Tourism and Masculinity

First panel went to today featured talks about the evil George Steinbrenner, the selling of baseball as the national pasttime during the Great Depression, and baseball games as cultural healing in the aftermath of September 11.

In a room filled with Yankee fans or ex-followers it is amazing the venom for the owner. We concluded that he did many horrible acts and was took much of a control freak to be a good owner.

I appreciated the talk on marketing and look forward to the book that will discuss how baseball marketing changed over the years and seemed to succeed mostly during times of tumult in the nation.

As someone who travels around the world, I love to hear about differnt ways in which things are marketed to tourists. 19th century novels offered pictures of the world to rural female readers. The owners of the Red Sox have to modernize Fenway Park yet try to retain a sense of place and its history.


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